3 Answers To Questions About Posting Bail

Finding yourself needing to post bail can be an unpleasant experience. In addition to the stress over the potential criminal charges, individuals will also have to find a way to come up with the money for the defendant's bail. While bail is a fairly basic part of the legal system, it is common for individuals to find that they lack the knowledge or experience necessary to understand the process of going through the task of posting bail.

1. Is The Bail Always The Same For Each Defendant?

It is often assumed that the bail for each crime will be the same for each defendant. However, this is not true as there are many factors that will be reviewed in the process of setting the bail amount. For example, individuals with higher incomes may be required to pay higher bail amounts. Also, those that are weak ties to the community may also find that their bail is higher. During the process of setting bail, there will be a hearing where a presiding judge will review these factors and issue a ruling.

2. What Happens If The Defendant Violates Their Bail Conditions?

As part of the process of issuing a bail ruling, the judge may also impose requirements on the defendant. Common examples of these restrictions are confining the individuals to a particular county or requiring them to check in with an officer of the court at periodic intervals. There can be a tendency for some individuals to assume there will be no major consequences for violating these terms. However, even a minor infection can result in the judge canceling the bail order and mandating the defendant be held in jail until their trial. Due to these consequences, individuals should take great care to avoid violating the terms of their bail order.

3. What Should You Expect When Using Bail Bond Services?

The amount of money required for the defendant's bail will often be extremely high. This can result in many individuals be unable to afford to pay their bail out of their own pocket. When this is the situation you are facing, there are bail bonding services that can provide you with a bond for the bail amount. However, you will likely need to provide collateral and pay the bondsman's fee. Once you have made this payment, the bail will be posted, and the jail will start processing the defendant's release. At the conclusion of the trial, the collateral that you provided will be returned as long as the defendant complied with their bail requirements.

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