People To Serve As Witnesses At Your Upcoming Bond Hearing

When you've been arrested and are being held in custody, your bond hearing is a date and time you'll certainly have circled on your mental calendar. During this hearing, you'll stand in front of a judge with your attorney to plead your case, and the judge will decide if you can get bond and, if so, the amount at which the bond will be set. Depending on your legal jurisdiction, your attorney may be able to call witnesses who can testify on your behalf to hopefully encourage the judge to grant bond. Here are some people whose testimony you'll want your attorney to get.

Your Spouse

While a bond hearing isn't necessarily an opportunity for your spouse to talk about what an exemplary person you are, he or she can be used successfully on your behalf. For example, if you're the sole earner for the family and your spouse and children are relying on you financially, your spouse can explain this situation to the judge. He or she can say how if you can't get out of jail on bond and get back to work, the family may have trouble making ends meet.

Your Friends

Some close friends can also serve as valuable witnesses on your behalf during a bond hearing. Pick those who can professionally represent themselves in court and who will serve in your best interest. Friends may talk about how you're someone who may have made a mistake, but that you're a pivotal person in your social circle and are constantly helping those around you. If possible, they can use specific examples to drive these points home. For example, a friend who lives near you may tell the judge how you always drive him or her to work because he or she doesn't have a license.

Your Employer

You may not want your employer to know that you're going through legal troubles — although this may be impossible to hide if you're in jail and have to miss work. If you have a close relationship with your employer and you feel that he or she would understand the reason for your arrest, having the employer called to speak on your behalf during a bond hearing can be helpful. For example, the employer may say that you're a strong worker and that you do a good job every shift, as well as that he or she would like to have you back at work quickly because of the positive influence you have over the staff. This may help persuade the judge to grant bond.

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